Jan 12, 2011

How long it takes to write a comic...

After reading David's post it made me think about how much time and money we've spent "brainstorming" this comic. So here is the math I came up with:

(T*W*Y = 54.6 hours) (Y*W*M*C = $273)

This means we spent 54.6 hours and $273 to create this story. I'm not sure if that's good or not, but if we told a publisher we required a budget that small they'd probably like us (not that I want to get a publisher)!


T = Time per meeting = 1.5 hours
W = meetings per Week = 0.7
Y = weeks per Year = 52
M = number of Cafe Mocha per meeting = 2
C = Cost per Mocha = $3.75

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