Nov 4, 2011


This blog has moved to

Sorry about this inconvenience, but Blogger has given me way too many issues. Wordpress is SO much more user friendly.

I hope you follow me over there - I promise it won't happen again.

Nov 2, 2011

Guh... my BRAAAIN!!

Are we just brains interpreting information? De-coding whatever our extensions soak in?

So what about some crazy senses beyond our five? I think I'd like the sense of stupidity. It would probably save me from posting things like this, but since I don't... PUBLISH!

Oct 31, 2011

Armstrong 4

HUGE response to Rise of the Wreckyard! Thanks to everyone reading and sharing it!

With the last two Armstrong episodes, I always waited until it was released to start work on the next one. This time was different - I started working on the 4th one before the 3rd one was finished. I don't plan on having 4 or 5 months between each one... that's such a drag.

So here's a thumbed page from AS04 - The Ballad of Sheriff Davenport.

Armstrong is one story I want to tell and has a definite end point. I like that idea because it's working towards a finale. Originally, there was going to be six total, but I think that number has turned to seven.

With seven total, there's only 4 more left!

Oct 26, 2011

At the start

Here's some behind the scenes to the Wreckyard story.

I start writing on 11x14 bristol board sheets. I'm not sure why - it might have something to do with being able to fit a bunch of stuff on one page - It's easier to connect ideas this way. It also feels better than hunching over a laptop.

These sheets are a timeline map and bits of dialogue. I prefer handwriting over computer at the beginning because it feels like I'm drawing rather than writing.

I'll go through 5 or 6 sheets before I hit the computer (why'd you PUNCH the computer??). The story is revised MANY MANY times. Then page thumbnails, etc, etc.

Also an old sketch of Clinton.

Oct 25, 2011

Armstrong: Rise of the Wreckyard

Armstrong: Rise of the Wreckyard is out today! It's free to view online at

If you like it, share it with a friend because what's a comic without anyone to read it? Like the other issues, there are a few easter eggs sprinkled throughout it. Try to find them!


Oct 20, 2011

October 25, 2011

Armstrong: Rise of the Wreckyard is 99.99% finished and will be released next Tuesday, October 25th at!

This episode took nearly 5 months to complete and I'm stoked to finally put it out. Alot of work went into it (especially the details) and I'm extremely proud of the 36 pages that I've created. I'm the kind of guy who has to have every detail right before saying something is done and alot of it just wasn't right early on.

Also - underwent a full redesign! The original was supposed to be minimal and artistic, but ended up looking unprofessional, confusing, and stupid - I can admit that I poorly designed it. The new site still maintains a minimalist nature, but it's more obvious that there's an online graphic novel lurking about now. Stay tuned cuz I'll be adding a bunch of extras to the site in the coming months too!

Oct 13, 2011


...but not minimalist enough. I need it to be SIMPLER!

EDIT: For some reason that image didn't save properly. So here's an image of a double rainbow robot monster I drew a long time ago.