Jan 7, 2011

Story Idea #1

My guess is no one will ever read this (except my mom!), but I'm cool with that. But I figured I'd start writing story ideas for whoever wants them. No promises that they're good story however.

A rich man that never had a father decides he wants to leave a legacy before he dies. So he finds people around the world that have potential and he gives them unlimited resources and training in whatever they want to "produce" for one month. After a year he brings all of the chosen people together to show what they did.
The people are diverse. A homeless man that wrote an autobiography of his life that would soon go on the best-seller list, a boy that was now painting million dollar works of art, etc... All of them were given one month with experts in their field after a brief two days with the rich man where they explored where their potential was.
After the reveal of all these amazing stories and talents, the rich man explains that he picked people only based on their birthday being May 1st. No other criteria was used. He concludes that EVERYONE has potential if only we took the time to unlock it.


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  1. IM READING THISSS haha and that is a really good story