Jan 24, 2011

Story Idea #6

The last story idea I was going to post got stuck in my head like a virus. So I deleted the post and instead starting developing the concept myself. Mostly it is something for me to focus on while David continues to compose his first symphony, so that I don't lose my mind on work things and get bored and forget how much I love stories.

A man wakes up as his 7th grade self. He has several choices before him, he can either mature early and have the education and career he always regretted not getting because of the consequences of his rebellious youth. Go after the girl he regretted not staying with. Or he could live life abusing the knowledge, wisdom and youth he has to benefit himself.

I know this is not a super new concept (Time Cop, Back to the Future, Hot Tub Time Machine, and other classics) but I just like thinking about what I'd do in a similar situation.


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