Jan 22, 2011

Why Not (REALLY) Try?

Now that Deadly Roundhouse is moving into the final stages of our first project, my eyes have been opened to what we were missing before. So let me ask you a question "Why aren't you doing this?" Why aren't you creating your story?

I have heard more than a few of my friends talk about cool story ideas, specifically comic ideas. Every time I hear these whispers of awesomeness I try to encourage them however I can, but I never see anything come from them. So I figure, lets get serious. In my local community alone I see resources that could help a comic take form.
So, I am offering our help to get your ideas off the ground. More than just a couple minutes of advice, I'm offering a sit-down where we brainstorm and even set a schedule and followup, to get things moving to see a finished product. I'm not promising Marvel will want to sign you, but with the right combination of people, effort and resources we could have a ton of fun!
I know what it is like to have ideas and nothing to show for them, and I'm not going back there again! So why not give us a chance to encourage you?

If you are interested in any of this email me at dougcloven@gmail.com but you better bring your work-pants because we are gonna get down to business!


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