Feb 18, 2011

How can we reward you?

Right now there are few people concerned with our blog or our art, because we haven't shipped anything. Yet here you are. So how could a company that has nothing for sale reward the people that already care? I don't know if there is a great answer, but I DO KNOW that's exactly what I'd like to do.

Here are some ideas of things that would definitely get me excited:

Birthday Cards
I always loved getting cards that when you opened them cash fell out. Maybe we could start a birthday list, where you would get CASH (small amounts) and a personal birthday greeting from us (this would not be a stretch for my family members that read this).

Early Release
Simple idea, we could show you things before they go live.

Two words "Ice" and "Cream"
I don't know why but this is always the best reward for me, so who would complain?

Give Stuff to Pre-Launch Followers
David and I have tons of cool shirts and accessories from our other efforts. We could give free swag to every person in our mailing list or that follows our blog, before our art goes live.

Inspiration Sharing
We could put out a list of things that inspire us (ie: movies, comics, novels, blogs, art, music, toys, tv shows, marketing campaigns, packaging, etc...) and you tell us the stuff we are missing out on. You would be assisting in the creation process by fueling our inspiration! AND at the same time, getting to see where we are coming from.

Ice Cream Sandwiches
Don't tell me its the same as ice cream IT ISN'T!

We could hire you for some cool event, or as marketers to work alongside us in boosting awareness of our stuff.

Some of these ideas are not-so-amazing, but its a place to start. So I will ponder, and feedback is welcome.


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