Apr 29, 2011

Digital Comics

So are digital comics the future?

I want to say no, because I can't imagine NOT holding a comic book in my hands. I know I won't buy another dvd though. I'll rent from iTunes or Xbox instead. Those actions have shut down Blockbuster stores and pretty much the rest of them too. Bluray MIGHT be an exception, but mostly Pixar movies.

I'll still buy a physical book over a digital though. I tried a Seth Godin book digitally, but it's not the same experience. The only benefit was it was slightly cheaper and I did it right in my living room - those two factors trump the 'physical experience' for most though. And that's one of the things closing Borders bookstores.

I can beat the crap out of a physical book too. And I do. Throw it in a backpack, toss it around, take notes on the pages, lend it to friends and family... baby, you got yourself a stew goin!

I do the same with comics. I don't keep them crisp and in bags because I'll forget about them. They're there for my enjoyment and study. I toss them around, rip out pages for references, make notes on the paper, and lend them out to friends and family. You would cry if you saw my copy of Parker.

I buy cheap Calvin and Hobbes books so I can tear out pages, scribble notes, and use them for references. Blasphemy, right??

I make a mess out of these things so I can learn from them or else they'd sit on my shelf in mint condition forever.

That's why I prefer physical over digital comics, but maybe that's just me.

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