Jun 10, 2011

AS #3

The script for Armstrong pt. 3 is almost finished. Still a few tweaks along with a couple of cuts to do. Is it strange that my favorite part of writing is cutting? I'll spend forever writing and rewriting, coming up with cool scenes, or creating characters, but in the end, the best part (for me) is when I chop it up and toss most of it away.

Maybe it comes from having way too much on a page and feeling like I got the point across quicker and more clearly afterward. Isn't de-cluttering an important part of story telling? That's where I stand with design - does my design need all the junk I put into it? Is my design more powerful if I cut the junk and roll with a single idea?

Also - that's a picture I'm using for research and reference for a non-Armstrong story we're working on.

Which is also a way of saying, "Hey, I googled "Saturn" and I call it research."

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