Jun 29, 2011

Vector art

For a blog about drawing comics, I sure put up alot of design stuff. The story for AS3 has been going through some major revising and editing. I'd like to think I'm making it better, but probably not. The other final just didn't feel right so it's getting there. While that's being done, there's no art being drawn.

Instead I'm posting this vector illustration. There's several more like it that nobody has seen. I'll post them randomly cuz what good is art if it's unseen?

It's for a series I did a few years back that never got off the ground. Maybe I'll revisit it someday. When Armstrong originally started, I thought I would color it like this and even tried once, but that never felt right either. Probably for the best, but I'm not convinced it was my last attempt at coloring a comic like this.

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