Jul 11, 2011


Armstrong pt. 1 & 2 are both 32 pages long. I designed it to be that way and when the story had too much, I cut the junk it didn't need. That's 64 pages of Armstrong and I'm proud of it!

It might not seem this way cuz of how it's presented (using the Infinite Canvas idea, explained here by Scott McCloud). Also - I know I'm not fully utilizing that mechanism the way he speaks about. It might be because I start the process with the print version in mind when the infinite canvas is actually what I should wrap the story around.

Armstrong pt. 3 has clocked in at 36 pages. I spent alot of time cutting and rewriting it. As I draw, I'm still cutting, but I still come out with 36 pages. I'm ok with it - it's the end of a trilogy - it's like the extended version. Plus at 36 pages, the whole trilogy will be exactly 100 pages.

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  1. An even hundy sound like a solid piece of comicry.