Jan 10, 2011

A little history...

...about our comic. I was inspired a year ago to write it. I want to say it took so long because I was so busy, but the honest truth was that I was lazy and maybe didn't want it enough. (I was lazy - not Doug - he actually WAS busy)

As the year went on, I would take notes and sketch from time to time. I would think about the story at LEAST every other day though. It was a story I KNEW I wanted to tell. I started with notes - tid bits of dialogue - and quirks of individual characters.

This past December, I realized it had been A YEAR since the idea and I HATED that fact. I didn't want Christmas of 2011 to roll around and realize it had been TWO years. December was then filled with finalizing this story - every last detail.

We've done that. It's been edited and reviewed a million times and we're extremely happy with where it's at. Hopefully you will be too.

We all SAY we're busier than we actually are. No excuses to not do this anymore - my 4th grade self would be PISSED if he knew I'm just starting NOW - and he cussed alot so...... yeah.

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