Jan 10, 2011

Story Idea #3

I had an awesome dream last night but I'm not going to share it (its private PERV)! But I'll share another story instead, I still am on a super-hero kick so...

People begin developing powers but they are in relation to their fears. So if you are terrified of water, you manifest powers that deal with water. For example a girl almost drown when she was young, so she never got near bodies of water again. But she's been able to breathe underwater for years and would never know unless she jumped in.
These powers would require a confrontation of the fear to be realized, and can't be faked by just REALLY wanting powers. You must actually have, and conquer your fear. And the worse the fear, the greater the power. The more difficult it is to overcome the more the payout is in the end. Its like your mind is compensating for your fears. It would suck to be fearless in this world...

Not really a story (I know), more of a rule to give to a story to make it interesting.


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