Jan 9, 2011

Our process

I love artists that detail their processes in a transparent way, so that's our goal. Transparent and honest. This ENTIRE project is a learning experience for us. Every step is something new that we haven't done before so why not document this disaster while it unfolds?

For example - why am I using a blue pencil rather than a normal one?

Blue pencil is easier to get rid of when scanning inked artwork.

But another reason I enjoy it is because I'm not used to seeing my art in blue pencil - so it's slightly unfamiliar to me and fresh when I look at it. Right now, I'm in the process of thumbnailing the entire project in blue pencil because of that.

I started with a Col-Erase Pencil (Non-Photo Blue). It has an eraser, but it's still like erasing a colored pencil in that it doesn't erase too well. The only downside (to me) is that I have to sharpen these every couple of minutes with my electric pencil sharpener which is LOUD (Cuz I'm not gonna twist my wrist sharpening pencils - I'm lazy). I have two kids and I work on this stuff when they nap, or late at night - when they're in bed, so a loud pencil sharpener every few minutes won't work.

Because of that, I switched to a mechanical pencil with blue lead. I know, right?? Things are so much quieter and there's zero pencil shavings to deal with. I'm using 0.5 mm lead. If I could've found it larger, I would've gotten it, but this will do for now.

The mechanical pencil is a little darker than the Col-Erase pencil. The Col-Erase is a brighter blue and easier to wash out after scanning. I don't think the difference is enough to worry about, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

My local art store carried both pencils.

PS - these photos suck. The first pic's blue color is pretty close to the blue it actually draws.
The last pic was an attempt to show the difference, but the picture sucks. You can KIND of see what I'm talking about though.


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  2. "I colored the duck blue because, I've never seen a blue duck before, and I wanted to see what a blue duck would look like."