Jan 30, 2011


We have extremely high goals here.

1) Tell stories the way we want to tell them.

2) Hope that people enjoy spending a little time with us and those stories (is that a goal? Hope? Probably not).

3) Build friendships and long lasting relationships.

#3 is where I need some work. I love people and talking to people (even though I'm shy), but I'm clueless as far as social networking. I GET it, I just don't know how to use it as a tool. Traditional marketing is slowly becoming obsolete and "permission marketing" is really what matters with relationships (that's Seth Godin).

How do we handle Twitter or a FB page? What other sites am I forgetting? What kind of content are you folks (hi Mom) looking for on here? How do we earn the right to ask you for your time?

I thought I'd try to sound smart and research this - read a couple books on it. I thought I'd find the answers and slowly implement them gaining fans and friends. Then I realized that the best way I can learn is by experience and to just do it. So how do we make THIS place better?

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