Jan 28, 2011

Work Area

01 - Mechanical blue pencil. 0.7 mm

02 - Clic Eraser. Good for getting rid of large area screw ups.

03 - Battery operated eraser. Good for cleaning up tiny little areas. I tend to have alot of sketch lines that make things messy and unclear, even to me.

04 - My cell phone. Good for getting late night texts about online poker tournaments (which I missed until the next day btw)

05 - Red C-thru ruler thing - This is a life saver when making panels. I measure out with this, then use a T-square. Bought at Hobby Lobby.

06 - The artwork. It's hard to see here because I'm a bad photographer.

07 - 18x24 Staedtler Drawing Board. I have a proper art desk, but it's in my parent's attic. My house is FAR too small to fit something like that anywhere so I use this on top of my kitchen table. I love it. Also bought at Hobby Lobby.

08 - iPod. Currently rocking Brett Detar's new CD, Bird In The Tangle. Get it, it's awesome and free at www.brettdetar.com (spoiler alert - it's BLUEGRASS - I know, right?? Brett Detar?? Bluegrass??)

09 - Comic books for reference. Parker, 300, etc.

10 - Finished and empty sheets of Bristol Board.

11 - That's just a wall.

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