Feb 26, 2011

Old Superman Comics

I was rifling through some boxes in my parents attic and came across some of these old comics. My dad was a Superman fan when he was a kid which is probably where I get it from. He's so dreamy. Superman is... not my dad. I mean, my dad's a good lookin guy, but whatever... Shut up.

1st pic - Supergirl is awesome and there's TWO of them in this issue.

2nd pic - Clark Kent's name is KRYPTONITE BURNED onto his forehead so Superman has to wear a bandaid to cover it up.

3rd pic - Superman dresses in an ape costume, then PUNCHES an ape in the last panel. Why can't he have more stories like this?

4th pic - Readers get to choose a new hairstyle for Supergirl. I'm sure that was an effort to get girls reading comics. I wonder if it worked - for the record, I like Campus Cuddle-Bun best.

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