Feb 25, 2011

Things I love: Parker: The Hunter

Richard Stark's Parker, Vol. 1: The Hunter.

This is one of the best things I've read in a long time. It's also one of the only things I've read in a long time? I rarely pick up a graphic novel and read the whole thing in one sitting. I like to spread it out over a couple days so I don't feel like I bought it only to be done with it an hour later, but this book SUCKED ME IN.

The story is engaging - set in the 60's, the antihero Parker, is dead set on his own mission of revenge (and that's all I'll say about the story because I HATE spoiled stories).

The art is what pulled me in. Darywn Cooke has become my hero and you'll see more recommended items later that feature him. Parker is done in 2 colors - black and blue (but I consider the yellow paper to be a third because of how much character it brings to the novel). At times, Cooke uses 1 line for an eye or a nose, but that one line carries with it so much weight. It's a brilliance I know I can't pull off. The art carries the story and the story carries the art - does that make sense?

The entire package is one of those things where I think, "wow, every decision they made is perfect." The smaller book size, the fabric hardcover, the thick yellow paper, the artwork, the lack of panel borders, etc. And I can't be sure, but it looks like they didn't use a computer to type the text? It looks like every letter is different from itself so it's possibly entirely hand written? It's simply an amazing piece of art.


  1. I agree, he is awesome, also check out what he did in D.C.'s New Frontier and the issue of The Return of Bruce Wayne that he drew.

  2. Totally - New Frontier is amazing. I love those kinds of 'superheroes aren't quite accepted' stories. I'll have to check out Return of Bruce Wayne since Cooke's interpretation of Batman is easily my favorite.