Feb 6, 2011

Real Artists Ship

"Real artists ship." - Steve Jobs (allegedly)

Rumor has it that this isn't actually his quote. Does it matter? Looking at Apple's history, it seems as if they live by this. They ship. For YEARS companies talked about integrating crazy tech, but Apple did it (iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc). They did it and connected with their audience - notice "their" audience and not "the" audience. They cater to their fanbase and deliver what fans want and in the process, win over several others (but this is besides my point - I'm a Graphic Designer [allegedly] so I have a strong opinion about these sorts of things).

My point is this - my plans have a tendency to hang in limbo. I can always delay and take a few extra days/weeks/years to FINALLY deliver, but that's stupid. That loses momentum. That allows further delays in my crap. That means I end up seeing someone else come up with the same idea, only they SHIPPED it - I don't want to be THAT guy.

This first book is proof of my unshippy...ness. I spent a YEAR working with it, but only recently made the huge strides that matter. What were my excuses?? I gotta relearn how to draw - teach myself layout - decide a color palette - decide formatting - research - rewrite a hundred times - etc.

YES, these are EXTREMELY important in a project like this, but these things made me drag my feet. Spending 6 months thinking about format? THAT'S WHY I DON'T SHIP!

This is our promise - we WILL ship our art. In this case, it LITERALLY means artwork. What's it mean for you?

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