Feb 8, 2011

Some percent done

31 of 32 pages penciled. One more page and I can start terribly applying ink to sheets of paper.

I think I've learned some valuable lessons throughout the first portion of this project:

I've learned that a mechanical eraser is a crutch for me. I use it WAY too much and compromise the quality of the paper I'm drawing on. I draw - erase - draw again - erase - draw HARDER to see past the erased junk - erase - draw harder AGAIN (this goes on a few more times). It's a vicious cycle for me since I can't draw what I want the first time.

I've learned that I suck at precise measurements - the first pages are half a centimeter wider than the last ones. How'd that happen?

I've learned that I really should spend 30 mins or so warming up with sketches before I dig into the project. When I do, I ease right into drawing. When I don't, it takes forever to get what I'm looking for.

I've learned that Cylons are people too and regardless of having a resurrection ship, they still feel pain.

PS - my camera phone sucks.

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