Mar 2, 2011


I'm no color expert so I'm working and reworking and finding that I'm FAR FAR FAR from expert. It's like I'm 4 years old again and I found a bunch of crayons.

For layout, pencils, inks, and those things, I had things figured out 6 months ago. I've never really focused on colors because I could never make a decision - which caused me to get stuck in one spot. So when starting this whole thing, I said, 'forget it, I'll get to it when I need to' and here I am struggling with colors.

I could be super negative about it, but it's actually great that I'm struggling with colors in an inked comic rather than struggling with colors in my head. Eventually I'll come to some decisions that I'll be happy with.

It'll stop being 'just an idea' at that point. It'll become a colored comic page.

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