Mar 4, 2011

Things I love: Rescue Rangers

I get some serious nostalgic vibes anytime I see this show mentioned anywhere. I immediately shoot over to YouTube and watch the intro that someone taped on their VCR.

Actually, all the shows from this time period wake my inner child - Rescue Rangers, Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck, and Tail Spin. Also - how awesome is it that Launchpad McQuack crossed over from Duck Tales to Darkwing Duck?

Why doesn't Disney do these kind of shows anymore? Or do they and I just don't know about them? Phineas and Ferb seems like the closest thing and while that's a seriously great show, it doesn't have Gadget Hackwrench! In fact, every show could benefit from adding Gadget to their cast. She can show up in an orientation video from LOST (yes, I'm STILL referencing LOST).

It just occurred to me that my kids have never watched these. I'll have to fix that with the DVDs and bowls of cereal.

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