Mar 10, 2011

When to stop

That's a problem I have. I never really know when to stop a project. At what point is a design or a painting "finished." Most of the time it's just a feeling I have. I know when something of mine starts to look overdone because it moves past the point of cool and into the realm of confusing.

There's alot of times when I'll work on some artwork or graphics and spend hours upon hours tweaking and fixing things only to delete it all and revert back to a previous "more simple" version of it. Less is more - simple is easy to translate and (if done right) makes more of an impact because the message is clear.

I moved into the realm of confusing with the colors for this comic. I cranked it up to 11, but it was too busy and ugly. What should have been grass became an eyesore, drawing attention away from the meat of the panel. So I went back (again) and turned the volume down.

I didn't know when to stop coloring, but I think I do now. The same goes for everything - when to stop writing a guitar riff, a story, song lyrics, when to stop a design, an illustration, and most importantly, when to stop planning.

You can plan forever, but it's only when you start moving that great things happen.

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