Mar 11, 2011

Things I Love: Brett Detar - Bird In The Tangle

First - this album is a free download on his site

I first saw Brett Detar play for Zao in like, 1999 or something. He was the guitar player.

Then came the very awesome Juliana Theory, which I still rock out to this day. This band showed me how amazing a show can be.

Brett Detar has decided to go it alone on a solo album called Bird in the Tangle. It's not what one would expect from the singer of The Juliana Theory. This album is a mix of country and bluegrass, but it's unfair to leave it at that.

To me, the things that stick out are the things that choose to be different in a sea of similarity. This album is that, but it's also catchy. I suck at reviewing music, huh?

Lately I've been on sort of a western kick (Firefly, True Grit, um... other westerny things...) so I sometimes wonder if my love for this cd has anything to do with that. Oh well, judge for yourself - listen to the song. Who wouldn't give a free album a shot?

And some Juliana Theory.

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