Apr 11, 2011

Early sketch

I found this little diddy in my Armstrong notebook. I drew it over a year ago. I remember it well... it was about 8pm, a storm was comin... we knew lightning was gonna hit the clock tower at 10:04 so we had to time the Delorean to hit the cable at precisely that same instant - which of course is hard because all we knew was at some point, within the minute of 10:04, lightning was going to strike. So when in those 60 seconds do we aim for?

Long story short, we did it and Marty returned to the future, but it was at that moment Marty (in a different outfit) ran up to tell me he was back.... back FROM the future!

And then I drew this. Bryce hasn't changed much except for colors and while I LOVE the colors in this version, I decided they were a bit muted and forgettable. Also - colored with Copic makers.

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