Apr 6, 2011

Still workin

That's my self portrait that doesn't look anything like me. I don't have brown hair, my hands aren't weird claws, and my teeth aren't that long. Everything else is spot on though.

The script for Armstrong pt.2 has been finalized and the thumbnails have begun. It'd be wonderful to give an official release date, but it's hard to tell exactly. It definitely won't be 3 months (like the first one).

All the heavy experimentation (as far as artwork) was decided upon with the first book so that should cut a good 2/3rds of time off. Of course there's always experimenting in art, but at this stage, it's not a step in the process. So theoretically, that puts the book out in about a month?

Here's the thing about THAT - my wife and I are expecting our 3rd baby in exactly one month which is SUPER exciting, but I also anticipate being away from artwork for alot of that time.

It's hard to work on it during the day because of work, and I won't work on it in the evenings cuz that's family time so that leaves about 3-4 hours a night (after the kids are in bed) to draw it - roughtly 8pm to midnight - sometimes later, sometimes earlier.

Also - I'm planning on releasing a 2 page preview before the final is complete sooooo... that's somethin, right?

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