Mar 17, 2011


Colors are DONE - took way longer than I thought it would mostly because it was all a learning phase. Alot of the time was spent experimenting and starting over.

These are the steps in my mind - each step had its own set of steps. Each step also had a huge experimental section. Y'know, experimenting with different layouts in the thumbnail section, different styles in the pencil section, different pens for inking, SEVERAL different color palettes, textures, brushes, etc for coloring.

1) Thumbnails
2) Pencils
3) Inking
4) Coloring
5) Lettering

By far, coloring was the most difficult since I have little experience with a project like this. I think since I've finalized on colors for this book, any future books will be quicker and smoother to color. I hope. But probably not.

So on to lettering! I've decided to make a custom font for this. I figure, I've drawn everything else so why letter it with someone else's font? Probably because I suck at font creation and will learn a frustrating hard lesson along the way.

Yeah... that's probably it.

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